Groom with Horse H-2B visa - Horseman Labor Solutions

Tips for Interviewing Prospective H-2B Workers

Here are some of our requirements:

1. Criminal Background Checks:

Temp Labor U.S.A. does a detailed check through our local agents with area police. We check for such things as drug convictions, assault/rape and any other felony convictions. If there is anything suspicious or questionable that comes up during this process, our guarantee is you will never meet this worker.

2. Examination of working authorization papers and I-9 compliance Valid Identification (and proof of permission to work):

A U.S. Social Security Card is not considered valid ID by law. We will inspect I-94 and working visas to ensure that they are I-9 compliant for your company’s records.

3. Proof of qualifications:

We will verify that the worker has the necessary education and or professional experience you require to complete the duties of the job. Where you require a specific degree or professional qualification, we will require the worker to provide such documentation prior to selection as a prospective worker. Such proof of training may consist of diplomas, degrees, certifications, licensing certificates, etc.

4. Signature of letter agreement between employer and employee:

Prior to worker selection; they will be required to read a translated letter agreement between your company and them setting out in detail the rate of pay, job duties to be performed, terms of employment, and the costs they must bear. They will be required to initial each paragraph provision to verify that they understand all details of the prospective employment.