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H-2B Process

The immigration process contains four phases:

Phase One: Begins with the collection of all pertinent information obtained from your completed Intake/ questionnaire and signed contract. This information is used to assist in the prevailing wage process with the Department of Labor (DOL). The associated cost is half of the placement fee. Please note that any unanswered questions or missing signature will result in a delay in processing your petition.

Phase Two: Once your prevailing wage has been determined, the job order is requested, along with drafting an advertisement for the employment you are petitioning. Due diligence is exercised and after all material is gathered, a final report also known as the “wrap up report” is prepared. The associated cost due at this time is the cost of the ad you will pay directly to the publication.
Phase Three: We will now complete the final stage of the H-2B petition process. We will complete and submit the I-129 form and submit to the United States Immigration Services (USCIS ). The associated cost is the remaining balance of the placement fee.
Phase Four: Consular processing assistance. We have consular agents who can assist with workers from Mexico and Jamaica. 

If you have any questions regarding your petition or this process please do not hesitate to contact this office any time at (405) 364-2525 or (877) 678-7223 and we will be happy to help.

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