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About Us - Horseman Labor Solutions

Welcome to Horseman Labor Solutions!

Founded to provide solutions for employers in the chronically understaffed Horse and Equine Industries, Horseman Labor Solutions (HLS) offers a selection of services to U.S. business sectors by matching willing employers with motivated international workers seeking to work temporarily in the United States. The HLS methodologies provide a turnkey package so all you have to do as the employer is follow our instructions and welcome your new staff to work!

Our mission is to provide horseracing and equestrian employers with a range of options all designed to provide the highest quality workforce available, including H-2B, P-1 and P-1S Visas. Additionally, P-1 Visas provide a platform upon which beneficiaries can petition for Permanent Residence.

Our services assist the horsemen in individually navigating through the legal procedure involved in bringing workers for a temporary period. HLS provides comprehensive temporary labor solutions that include legal, taxation, workers’ compensation and other administrative compliance issues such as clearing the legal visa, consular checks and transportation to the United States.

HLS can either work with individuals selected by the Horseman or recruit qualified and experienced:

  • Hotwalkers
  • Exercise Riders
  • Grooms
  • Stable Attendants
  • Jockey Support Staff
  • General Laborers
Our staff will help you conduct all necessary Department of Labor and US Immigration procedures required to gain temporary working permission for your international employees. We look forward to hearing from you and developing a strong working relationship with your company for years to come.