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ATTENTION TRAINERS!!! Now is the time to file your grooms' H-2b visas for the Spring 2015 Racing Season. Learn more...

Horseman Labor Solutions (HLS) is an immigration service company that provides assistance in the immigration process for the international worker in the horse racing industry.

Our mission
is to provide horse racing and equestrian employers with a range of options all designed to provide the highest quality workforce available, including H2B, P1 and P1S Visas.

The HLS methodologies
provide a turnkey package so all you have to do as the employer is follow our instructions and welcome your new staff to work!
Executive Action on Immigration is here!
Guiding you through the immigration process, so you can focus on what really matters.

Are You a Trainer?

EmployerFounded to provide solutions for employers in the chronically understaffed horse and equine industries, Horseman Labor Solutions (HLS) offers a selection of services to U.S. business sectors by matching willing employers with motivated international workers.

Are You a Groom?

LaborerHLS services assist the horsemen in individually navigating through the legal procedure involved in bringing workers for a temporary period. Our comprehensive temporary labor solutions often include legal, taxation and workers compensation.